Michael Marr

Michael Marr

Chief Operating Officer

As life-long gamer, Michael Marr started in the industry as an engineer before later switching to design and finally production. His multi-discipline expertise serves him well in his current role overseeing operations and production. Powerfully influenced by the book “The Millionaire Next Door”, Mike set out on an entrepreneurial path midway through his career and never looked back.

Koin is Mike's third startup after leaving Glu in 2016. Mike’s two previous startups to Koin, Rewardify and Hidden Pixel Games, both have released successful products under his tenure and continue to operate to this day.

Mike's games created as COO/Executive Producer include:

  • Deer Hunter Classic - #1 top downloaded and #5 top grossing on launch.
  • Deer Hunter achieved over 5 million players a day and is enjoyed by players a decade later.
  • Deer Hunter 2018 (previously Deer Hunter 2016) - 74,000 4.7 star reviews.
  • Match to Win - 250,000 4.5 star reviews and under active live operations by Mike's previous startup, Rewardify.