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Koin Games is a team of multi-decade game industry veterans, entrepreneurs, and blockchain natives on a mission to show the world how to bridge the gap between traditional games and blockchain games.

Blending years of blockchain experience with decades of award-winning game development experience, we bring to the table a deep understanding of both traditional and web3 gaming audiences that almost nobody else in the web3 gaming space has.

Award Winning Team

Stuart James

Business Development

Eben Grobler

Operations Manager

John Malan

Blockchain Developer

Tyler Rasmussen

Game Engineer

Kevin Lukic

Architect Engineer

Kevin McLennan


Mike Sweeny

Game Designer

Geoff Harrison

Principal Product Manager

Jake Shuman

Principal Game Designer

Rick Hair

Senior Server Engineer

Dinara Fatkhutdinova

3D Artist

Krista McCullough

Technical Artist

Brad Kraeling

Game Developer

Marco Williams

Technical Director

Adam McMahon

Director of Art Management

Janet Rittenhouse

Associate Producer

Kylie Walker

Game Artist

Don Flores

Senior Artist

Emilio Campos

Web Developer

Edward Campos

Web Developer

Sergey Savvin

VFX artist

Alec Borsuk


Jonathan Day

Software Engineer

Keith Dunng

VFX Artist

Andrea Negroponte


Team Experience

Combined 75 years of experience in the gaming industry from 1995 to the present day

Top Awards



Holders of our genesis collection, the 5,555 Koin Games Dev Squad avatars, are the VIPs and OGs of our community and will enjoy first-class seats as they join us on this amazing journey together.

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Koin Games Welcomes Andrea Negroponte, Our New Senior Illustrator

Koin Games is excited to announce the addition of Andrea Negroponte as our Senior Illustrator. With a diverse portfolio of experience spanning over eight years in the art and gaming industries, Andrea will enhance our efforts in developing our first game.


Welcoming Koin Games New VFX Maestro: Keith Dunng

Koin Games is delighted to introduce Keith Dunng, our Senior VFX artist, whose extensive experience and passion for visual artistry promise to elevate the development of our first game.


Meet Koin Games’ Newest Addition: Software Engineer Johnathan Day

We’re excited to welcome Johnathan Day to the Koin Games family as our latest software engineer. With a wealth of experience in game development, Jonathan will be instrumental in driving core gameplay advancements.


Welcoming Web Developers Emilio and Edward Campos to Koin Games

We’re thrilled to introduce Emilio and Edward Campos, our newest web developers who are set to elevate Koin Games’ digital presence to new heights.


Koin Games Adds VFX Artist Sergey Savvin To The Team

We’re excited to announce that Sergey Savvin is now part of the Koin Games family, stepping in as our newest VFX Artist.


Koin Games Bolsters Art Department with Three Talented Team Members

Koin Games is thrilled to introduce three new additions to our ever-growing art department: Don Flores as Senior Concept Artist, Saulo Nate as Concept Artist, and Kylie Walker as Graphic Designer.


Koin Games Welcomes Three Accomplished Team Members In Our Ongoing Pursuit Of Excellence

Koin Games is excited to announce the addition of three new team members: Director of Art Management, Director of Marketing and Partnerships, and Associate Producer.


Koin Games Bolsters Team Roster with New Technical Director

Koin Games continues to expand in 2024 with the appointment of accomplished engineering leader Marco Williams as Technical Director.


Koin Games adds Senior Game Engineer Brad Kraeling

We are pleased to announce that Brad Kraeling has joined Koin Games as our new Senior Game Engineer.


Koin Games adds a Technical Artist and Illustrator to its growing art department

Koin Games welcomes to the team Krista McCullough as Technical Artist and Pedro Figueiredo as Illustrator.


Koin Games adds a Senior Server Engineer and two 3D artists to the team

Koin Games is delighted to welcome Rick Hair as our Senior Server Engineer and Eric Huang and Dinara Fatkhutdinova both as 3D artists.


Koin Games' core team expands with a new Product Manager and Game Designer

Koin Games is excited to announce the addition of two new members to its rapidly growing team.


Koin Games Inscribed on Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchains

Koin Games has forever been inscribed into the world’s first blockchain, thanks to the launch of ordinal inscriptions!


New Team Reveal

Koin Games couldn't be more excited to announce our three latest co-founders, each of whom comes with multiple decades of award-winning game development experience and a list of critically acclaimed games played by over a billion players. Check out the Team section of the website for more details.


Koin Games acquires Hidden Pixel Games

We are happy to announce that Koin Games has acquired web3 and eSports developer Hidden Pixel Games. Previously, Hidden Pixel developed head-to-head cash eSports games, most notably the hit title Pool Payday. In early 2022, Hidden Pixel moved into blockchain and released three games with web3 platform and publisher, Joyride. With their wealth of experience in this area, they are a perfect fit for the Koin Games family and are stoked to join forces with us to create world-class web3 play and own games.


Fenwick to Represent Koin Games

With our goal of serving hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide, legal compliance is of the utmost importance to us. Fenwick is one of the top law firms in the blockchain and web3 space representing prestigious clients such as Coinbase, Parallel Alpha, and Mysten Labs. Today, we proudly announce that Fenwick has officially partnered with Koin Games and will represent us as we build and deliver industry-leading web3 game experiences.


KGDS NFTs Sold Out

The Koin Games Dev Squad NFTs, our genesis collection of 5,555 hand-drawn avatars, sold out in a blistering five minutes bringing in over $1.6 million in sales to springboard the project.